Chief Executive Officer

He is at the top of the hierarchy, only Lunary has this role because he is the creator and founder of the company, his goal is to manage his team and his company, he is regularly present in voice and text chat rooms. He alone will always have the last word.

Chief Operating Officer

The Chief Operating Officer is the deputy head of the company, assisting the CEO whether he or she is present or absent, and helping to make important decisions within our team.

Chief Advisor Officer

He is our main advisor, he helps us in the decision making process with his experience and proposes alternatives.

Chief Technical Officer

He is the Technical Manager, responsible for the web and discord development department and improves the quality of our platforms, etc...


Managers are responsible for recruiting and training certain members of our staff. They oversee all the sections and give advice to the people in charge of each section and are called upon to solve certain dilemmas while making sure that the work is done correctly.

Senior Human Ressource Manager

The Senior Human Resource Manager is the leader of the Human Ressource Team as he/she has more experience and responsibilities. His role is to ensure the management of the human resources function, the roles and competencies and the management of the work environment. He also does everything in his power to facilitate their operations. In addition, he is also responsible for the Human Resource Manager.

Senior Event Manager

The Senior Event Manager is the head of the Event Managers. This means that he supervises his event teams. He has more experience and responsibilities.

Senior Community Manager

The Senior Community Manager is the head of the Community Managers. This means that he supervises his Community Managers. He has more experience and responsibilities.

Human Ressource Manager

The Human Resource Manager is the deputy head of the Human Resource Team. This means that he supervises his Human Resource Team and is himself directed by the Senior Human Resource Manager. He must satisfy the Senior Human Resource Manager's choices as best he can.

Event Manager

The Event Manager is the leader of the Event Teams. That is to say that he supervises his Event Teams. He must satisfy the Senior Event Manager's choices as well as possible, and he must also ensure the good management of the events.

Community Manager

The role of Community Manager is to carry out the exchange and transfer of information to companies that participate and exchange on our events. He also ensures the good exchange with our partners and ensures the management of our social networks and is responsible for communication with our community.

Media Manager

The Media Manager is the head of the Media Team. That is to say that he supervises his Media Teams. He also trains these media, he must ensure the proper transmission of the necessary elements to each section and proposes content for social networks.

Convoy Control Manager

The Convoy Control Manager is the head of the Convoy Control Team. That is to say, he supervises his Convoy Control Team and he always has the last word. He also trains these Convoy Controls, he ensures the management and organization of an event and collaborates closely with the Event Manager.

Convoy Control Assistant

it assists the Convoy Control Manager in managing the team, helps in managing backups and in preparing the whole team.

Human Ressource Team

The Human Resources Team has an important role as it manages the recruitment of new drivers as well as managing all the company's management charts. It manages the followup of our team and takes care of the personnel in general.

Driver Trainer

The role of the Driver Trainer is to train our new drivers in order to allow them to make less accidents and to respect the speed limits. He is there in order to train the new drivers, and to prepare them properly for the event and to refer them on any questions he has.

Event Team

The role of the Event Team is to realize, organize, prepare the itineraries and the monthly calendar for the convoys, propose ideas for improvement, supervise the events and guide the participants of our events as well as possible.


The purpose of the translators is to correct and translate all our messages and texts on our platforms (website, social networks) in order to prove our professionalism.

Official Streamer

The Official Streamer aims to stream on our official pages (Twitch and Youtube) in order to promote our VTC and attract people.

Developer Team

The role of Developer Team is to create, update our website and our bot Discord and propose updates regularly.

Media Team

The role of Media Team is to realize and take pictures on the convoys and works on different software (Adobe Photoshop, Photofiltre, GIMP...).




Convoy Control Team

The Convoy Control Team is a team that enforces the rules of the road on convoys and convoy rules, they can be requisitioned if needed. They block the roads during our monthly events, in order to give the right direction to the convoy.