V.T.C information

  • Category : VTC BELGIAN
  • Client : T.M.T | Transport Mad Time
  • Project date : September 07, 2021
  • Project URL : N/A

T.M.T | Transport Mad Time

T.M.T is a family compagny that is always in a good mood. We are a quiet community always ready to help others with their convoys. The base of our company is simple, we wish above all to have fun and also to discover other French and foreign VTC. Our team is ready to help and support our partners and their events. We are ready to discover all that exists and to get to know everyone.

The history of our partnership:

T.M.T. is a team that started by participating in our convoys. Then little by little, we started to exchange on the different events so we became friends after the 3rd convoy of our collaborators. We had a lot of things that brought us together.

Thanks to MAD for the management and coordination of this beautiful enterprise.

Communication :

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