V.T.C information

  • Category : VTC FRENCH
  • Client : T.E.I | Transport Express International
  • Project date : June, 2021
  • Project Website : N/A

T.E.I | Transport Express International

The T-E-I was an enterprise founded in June 2021.
Based on the passion and targeting a happy relationship between all.

We are a small group of passionate people of the road !

Every day, we are travelling the roads of Europe, having fun and always looking for good times !

We appreciate meeting other companies, whether they are French or foreign.
We love to participate in convoys in supporting the others companies !

We are a Franco-Belgian corporation. Our headquarters are located in Liege.

T-E-I is more than a company, we are a family !


Management :

C.E.O : SKYZY#1912

C.O.O : jeremybois#0125

STAFF : Walie _#6456 - Titus#4756


Some useful social network links [T-E-I] :

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